Meeting Notes 2/19/17

  • Recap of Signs on the Square
    • Overall super good
    • Some negative reactions, also some good conversations and other supporters
    • Come next week !! It’s about protecting Lake Erie!
    • Every Saturdays @ noon, meet at 11:30 at Peirce!
  • # NO paper cup Monday
  • Thursday 7pm – Beehive Collective !!!
    • @ the Horn, it will be so cool!!
    • There is a FB event too, invite your friends!
    • Emma and Cecily made a website!!
    • Send them cool articles & stuff to put on it!
  • Unsung Heroes Week !!
    • Card-making for maintenance — Sometime this week!!
    • Sunday, Feb 26th 2-3:30 in Peirce, help set up!!
  • PEAS Local Foods Brunch!!
    • Date TBD!
    • Tell Erin or Emma if you wanna help!!
  • REAL Earth Day Festival !! Saturday, April 22nd!
    • Columbus Zoo bringing animals!
    • We’re gonna volunteer w BUG HOTELS & ANIMAL OLYMPICS !!
      • Skunk shooters, think of other games!!
  • Volunteer at the BFEC this semester bc it’s fun and super cool and nice! Teach children about nature and the environment and happy things!
  • Middle Path Day !!
    • Planting trees & flowers, raking gravel back onto the path, fill gopher holes
    • Date tbd in April & March
    • Phoebe’s gonna spearhead this!!
  • Trivia at the VI April 5th !
    • Kenyon questions, statewide questions, we need at least 30 questions
    • Add to the DOC
  • GUYS Kroger recycles plastic bags!!
  • We should do a VI fundraiser/benefit soon! – donate to something local!

ECO binder HERE


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