Meeting Notes 2/5/17

If you were a mythical creature, what would you be???

Last night was ECO bonding ~ crafting ~ stuffed bell peppers ~ bracelet-making

  • Consensus: super fun, we luv, lets do that again ❤

Beehive Collective ~

  • Thursday, Feb 23rd
  • Art, activism, environmentalism — It’s so dope!! In the Horn

ECO Trivia at the VI !!

  • Date TBD
  • Alli Dumas gettin’ this ready – Grayson and Antoinette will help!


  • Let’s make some “Turn off the light” stickers by light switches
  • “Water is Life” stickers – INK interested in doing this by faucets — let’s get together!
  • Anyone interested in designing? @Ruby? @AnyoneElseGotSkillz?
  • Emily and Cecily help coordinate with INK

Xiuhtezcatl (Shoe-tess-cot) is coming in April to rap / talk to us about indigenous & environmental activism !! Check out all his CREDZ:

After-school environmental program at East Knox schools

  • Find teachers who would be interested!
  • Antoinette will email PEKK/Ben to see if they want to team up/could help

First-year dinner to talk about getting sustainability into Orientation

  • Water bottle / coffee mug instead of t-shirt?
  • Make the campus more sustainable as people are coming into Kenyon
  • Emily will spearhead the dinner/discussion

Signs on the Square — ENVIRONMENTALISM!

  • Saturdays 11:45am-12:30pm – “anti-Trump” rallies, different theme every week
  • This past Saturday, at the anti Muslim ban rally there were about 120 people, there was some resistance, also some support! Dr. S is the prof who organizes it!
  • Help make signs this WEDNESDAY at ECOhouse at 9pm
    • Make signs – voice positivity, don’t point out what “the other” is doing wrong, say what “we” think should be
    • little pamphlets that apply to Knox county sustainability?- maybe a how to live sustainably pamphlet handout? (How to live low-carbon)

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