Meeting Notes 1/29/16

Icebreaker: Complete the sentence, “Chocolate and ____”


  • Roosevelt Institute
    • Sustainability theme dessert and discussion
    • Possibly gain funding for campus / community policy related projects!
    • February 21st around 8pm
  • Conscious campus
    • Xiutezcatl Martinez – ECO Hip Hop artist, Activist, Organizer!
    • April 19th?
  • People’s Climate March
    • April 29th in D.C.
    • Team up with Oberlin?

Other Announcements:

  • Divest Kenyon
    • Look out for emails about events
    • If you’re not getting the emails, email Matt Meyers at
  • UCAN (United Citizens Action Network)
    • Non-profit organization working to prevent fracking in Wayne Forest
    • Lookout for events coming soon!
    • Email Matt Meyers if you want to know more at
    • March 3rd direct action event
  • ICCC (Inter-Collegiate Climate Conference)
    • What do you want to gain from this conference?
      • How to get funding for events?
      • How to work with a population that doesn’t want to work with you?
      • What’s been most effective at your school?
      • What issues are you focusing on?/ How do you decide what to focus on?
      • How do you handle party culture?
      • How do your dish containers work around campus?


  • Environmental racism – environmental disruption disproportionately affects people of minority
  • Keep people updated about what is going on with Trump and the environment

Break out meeting:

  • Taking away paper cups in peirce
  • ECO newsletter
  • Hands on activities (volunteering, protests, activist activities)
  • Service Saturday
  • Host trivia
  • Local foods brunch
  • Submit a letter to your local representative and get free food!

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