Meeting Notes 1/22/17

  • Divest Kenyon!!! Workin to divest from fossil fuels and private prisons
    • Lookin for some leaders – CONTACT MATT MEYERS
    • Big training event sometime coming up
  • Free Store!!
    • Happening on Saturday, Jan 28th from 1-4pm
    • Donate some stuff, come help during the event!


  • New positions!!!
    • Den mother – can answer questions, help, talk to about feelings–congratulations MATT MEYERS
    • Icebreaker is now called Resident Polar Bear❤ – AUDREY NEUBAUER!!!
    • Social media is now called Media SzarCLAIRE KOELLING!!
    • Web Master – heads up new WordPress website for cool stuff
    • Commander and Chief of Friendship, Fun, and Foolishness – in charge of fun, making sure everyone is smiling 5ever
    • Allie Dumas shared about her sea-mester!! Talk to her about it!!
    • Wayne National Forest in Ohio
      • Part has already been auctioned off for fracking, more of it is going
  • Watch this amazing vid that Jess Kusher made!!!
  • Ideas for this semester
    • Learning about more global issues – how 3rd world countries/ marginalized ppl are disproportionately affected by climate change
    • Raise money for orgs/causes that are now losing funding
    • Partner with Kenyon Dems – carve out some time to call/write letters to reps
    • Kokosing clean-up again – contact the dude to see if he’s organizing another one!
    • Get list of service chairs of all greek groups
    • Partner with more orgs
    • Have another VI benefit
  • Things to do/goals for this semester
    • Getting off campus
    • Newspaper / colleigan articles
    • Direction/topics for the semester – focus on a few, important things
    • On-campus improvements – recycling
    • Working with other orgs
    • beat trump.




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